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World Hindi Day (विश्व हिंदी दिवस): Historical past, That means And Information

Would you think about your self a polyglot or a linguaphile? 

In case you answered sure, let’s see if you happen to can guess what every of those Hindi slang phrases means.




Let’s see if you happen to received them proper!

जुगाड़ – It means innovation, resourcefulness, the artwork of constructing one thing out of nothing. 

How it’s used: 

Think about you’re travelling in an auto rickshaw, and it breaks down in the course of rush hour visitors. Panic begins to set in, however your resourceful driver calmly says, “Koi nahin, jugaad kar lenge!” (Don’t fear, we’ll determine it out!). He rummages via his toolbox, finds a stray wire and a few zip ties, and inside minutes, the engine begins up once more. And now, you’re in your technique to your vacation spot once more.

ओए – Relying on its context and tone, this phrase can tackle a variety of meanings and features.

How it’s used:

  • Hey/Howdy: That is the most typical use, just like saying “Hey” or “Hello” in English. It’s typically used to seize somebody’s consideration or begin a dialog.

  • Hear/Consideration: It can be used to emphasize one thing you’re about to say, just like saying “Hear up” or “Concentrate” in English.

  • Shock/Exasperation: Typically, it may be used to precise shock and even delicate exasperation, like saying “Whoa” or “Oh jeez” in English.

चलेगा – This phrase, too, is extremely versatile and, relying on its context and tone, can tackle a variety of meanings and features. It might imply, “It’s going to work,” “No drawback” or “No matter, let’s do it!”

How it’s used:

  • Responding to a suggestion: “Chai piyega?” (Need some chai?) “Chalega!” (Certain, why not!)
  • Providing an answer: “Automobile breakdown?” “Chalega, taxi bula lete hain.” (No drawback, let’s name a taxi.)
  • Expressing indifference: “Film achi thi?” (Was the film good?) “Chalegi hello.” (It was alright, I suppose.)

It’s price noting that slang phrases typically differ throughout areas in India. Completely different states and cities might have their very own distinctive colloquial expressions, including an additional layer of linguistic range to the nation. Understanding these common Hindi slang phrases will be significantly helpful when travelling in India. Slang is an integral a part of native communication, offering insights into the tradition and mindset of the individuals. 

Talking of Hindi, World Hindi Day is shortly approaching. It’s a day to rejoice Hindi, not simply in India however all over the world. Irrespective of if you happen to can write in Devanagari or simply say “howdy,” anybody can be part of within the celebration.

Historical past of World Hindi Day (विश्व हिंदी दिवस)

The idea of celebrating World Hindi Day (विश्व हिंदी दिवस) took form through the inaugural World Hindi Convention in Nagpur, India within the yr 1975. The Hindi language and the various contributors to Hindi literature are honoured on World Hindi Day. 10 January is the day this big day is well known all over the world, remembering the anniversary of this necessary convention. In India, each authorities and personal organisations host occasions to mark the day, and even in different international locations, Hindi audio system take part with equal pleasure.

Today is a celebration of language, tradition, and a shared id. The day goals to advertise and propagate the Hindi language on a worldwide scale. Past linguistic proficiency, it underscores the cultural, historic, and social significance embedded inside Hindi. It serves as a reminder of the language’s potential to attach individuals, bridging gaps and fostering understanding worldwide. World Hindi Day was first celebrated within the yr 2006, on the tenth of January.

The distinction between Hindi Day and World Hindi Day

Hindi Day, noticed yearly on September 14th, is well known to commemorate the landmark choice in 1950 by the Constituent Meeting of India to ascertain Hindi, which is written in Devanagari, as one of many nation’s official languages alongside English.

Alternatively, World Hindi Day (विश्व हिंदी दिवस) is well known on January tenth in remembrance of the inaugural World Hindi Convention that was held in Nagpur, India within the yr 1975. 

Hindi Day is well known throughout India on a nationwide degree – It acknowledges the historic significance of Hindi inside the nation, whereas World Hindi Day expands the celebration’s scope past the borders of India. 

World Hindi Day is just not confined to a nationwide narrative; as a substitute, it encapsulates the broader cultural and linguistic impression of Hindi the world over. It unites Hindi audio system globally, fostering a way of shared id and pleasure within the language. The celebration transcends geographical boundaries, emphasising the common attraction of Hindi as a language that resonates with individuals from numerous backgrounds.

Whereas Hindi Day is a second for India to replicate on the language’s historic journey inside its borders, World Hindi Day transforms the celebration into a worldwide dialogue, acknowledging the position of Hindi as a cultural ambassador that connects individuals regardless of their nationwide origins. Each events contribute to the narrative of Hindi’s significance, one inside the nation’s historic context and the opposite on the broader degree of world linguistic range.

Some details in regards to the Hindi language 

Hindi, stemming from historic Indo-Aryan roots, has undergone a dynamic evolution, solidifying its place as a worldwide linguistic powerhouse. Listed below are some further fascinating details:

  • Widespread International Presence: Hindi is spoken by over 600 million individuals globally, making it the third most spoken language on the earth. Its broad attain extends past the borders of India, with important Hindi-speaking communities in international locations equivalent to Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana.

  • Official Language Standing: Moreover being one of many official languages of India, Hindi holds official language standing in a number of different international locations. Fiji, for instance, recognises Hindi as an official language as a result of its sizable Indian diaspora.

  • Script Evolution: Although Devanagari reigns supreme, Hindi’s adaptability shines via its potential to be written in different scripts like Perso-Arabic and even Roman. This flexibility displays the language’s journey via numerous cultural and historic landscapes.

  • On-line Presence: Within the digital age, Hindi has a robust on-line presence. It is likely one of the most generally used languages on the web, with a rising variety of Hindi web sites, blogs, and social media content material. This digital enlargement displays the language’s modern relevance and its potential to attach with the youthful, tech-savvy technology.

  • Academic Significance: Hindi is just not solely a vibrant spoken language but in addition a outstanding language of instruction in academic establishments. Many universities all over the world supply programs in Hindi, attracting learners wanting to discover India’s wealthy cultural and linguistic heritage.

  • Hindi Cinema Affect: Bollywood, the Hindi movie trade, is a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Hindi cinema has a big impression on world cinema, with Bollywood motion pictures gaining reputation in numerous international locations. The affect of Hindi songs, dances, and storytelling strategies is obvious in worldwide leisure.

  • Linguistic Influence: Hindi has made its mark on world languages, with quite a few Hindi-origin phrases discovering a spot in English vocabulary. Phrases like “chutney,” “bungalow,” and “jungle” have seamlessly built-in into English, showcasing the language’s linguistic affect.

These modern details underscore Hindi’s sturdy presence, not simply inside the borders of India however throughout the globe, making it a language that bridges cultures, connects communities, and leaves an enduring imprint on the world stage.

How is World Hindi Day (विश्व हिंदी दिवस) celebrated?

Cultural occasions take centre stage throughout World Hindi Day celebrations, reworking numerous areas into energetic showcases of Hindi tradition. Music, a common language, resonates with the tunes of Bollywood, echoing the heartbeats of thousands and thousands. Dance flooring come alive with the rhythmic beats of conventional people dances, connecting individuals with the age-old traditions embedded in Hindi tradition. Theatrical performances breathe life into Hindi performs, conveying tales that replicate the essence of the language. Artwork galleries turn into galleries of visible splendour, displaying creations impressed by Hindi themes, providing a visible feast that mirrors the cultural depth of the language.

Literary festivals turn into pivotal platforms throughout World Hindi Day, inviting authors, poets, and students to the forefront. These festivals are extra than simply gatherings; they’re dynamic areas the place the written phrase in Hindi takes centre stage. Discussions and debates unfold, exploring the nuances of Hindi literature, its historic significance, and its modern relevance. From timeless classics to cutting-edge creations, literary festivals turn into a celebration of the enduring legacy of the Hindi language and literature.

Language workshops kind a cornerstone of World Hindi Day, extending a heat invitation to learners and fanatics wanting to discover the intricacies of Hindi. These workshops function academic hubs, fostering an understanding of Hindi grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. From novices grappling with the Hindi script to these honing their language abilities, these workshops cater to numerous audiences. 

Concurrently, on-line initiatives carve out a digital area, connecting Hindi fanatics globally. Webinars, language programs, and interactive periods create a borderless group, breaking down geographical boundaries and uniting Hindi learners worldwide.

The World Hindi Day celebration transcends borders, inviting individuals from all walks of life to immerse themselves within the richness of the Hindi language.

How will you rejoice World Hindi Day?

World Hindi Day extends an open invitation to people of all linguistic backgrounds, no matter their proficiency in Hindi, to affix within the festivities. In case you are a fluent Hindi speaker, you’ll be able to take part in cultural occasions and literary festivals. Doing so is an immersive expertise, an opportunity to revel within the language’s cultural expanse. Attending these occasions fosters a deeper reference to Hindi traditions and supplies a possibility to interact with the group.

You possibly can additionally attend literary festivals, which, via a celebration of the written phrase, cater to fanatics in any respect ranges. Novices can discover the richness of Hindi literature via translations and simplified variations, regularly delving into the intricacies of the language.

Language workshops and on-line initiatives open doorways for studying, regardless of geographical constraints. On-line assets, starting from language studying apps to interactive web sites, supply accessible pathways for novices to know the basics of Hindi. In case you are already on the language-learning journey, these platforms present alternatives for superior research, creating an area for steady progress and exploration.

You possibly can additionally embrace Hindi cinema and literature. Watching Bollywood motion pictures, studying Hindi literature in translation, or connecting with Hindi audio system globally via social media are easy but profound methods to interact with the language. These acts of celebration transcend proficiency ranges, inviting everybody to be part of the worldwide refrain that honours the sweetness and variety of Hindi.

You possibly can additionally take to social media to lift consciousness about and rejoice World Hindi Day. Put up interactive tales on Instagram, like polls and ask your followers questions like “World Hindi Day is well known on which date?” or “When is World Hindi Day celebrated?” and provides them two choices to choose from. This could be a enjoyable technique to check data and encourage participation. You possibly can additionally ask them questions like, “We generally confer with this present day as World Hindi Day in English, however what’s it known as in Hindi?” This may be completed via a ‘questions’ sticker on Instagram. 

You possibly can additionally share some Hindi Day quotes on social media to unfold consciousness about this present day. By doing so, you contribute to the celebration and recognition of our cultural heritage. It helps foster unity amongst Hindi audio system, selling the richness and significance of the language. Your posts might also encourage others to embrace and recognize the fantastic thing about Hindi. 

Listed below are some Hindi Day quotes you’ll be able to share with your pals and followers on-line :– 

हिंदी भाषा हमारी संस्कृति, समृद्धि, और समृद्धि का प्रतीक है।

हिंदी हमारी पहचान है, हिंदी हमारी शान है।

विश्व हिंदी दिवस के इस खास मौके पर हमें यह याद रखना चाहिए कि हमारी भाषा ही हमारी अद्वितीय पहचान है।

Along with sharing Hindi Day quotes, it’s also possible to share poems or proverbs in Hindi that spotlight the sweetness and significance of the language. Use compelling photographs to make your posts extra participating.

You possibly can additionally share fascinating trivia and details in regards to the Hindi language, its historical past, its affect on tradition, when is World Hindi Day celebrated & World Hindi Day was first celebrated by which yr, and many others. This could be a enjoyable technique to educate your followers and spark their curiosity.

Moreover, you’ll be able to present suggestions and assets for studying Hindi. Share language studying apps, web sites, or your private favorite Hindi studying assets. Encourage your viewers to take up the problem of studying just a few Hindi phrases or phrases.

It’s also possible to host digital occasions equivalent to webinars, reside discussions, or interviews with specialists in Hindi literature, linguistics, or tradition. These occasions can present precious insights and entice a various viewers. You possibly can additionally showcase works of Hindi literature, artwork, music, or cinema. Advocate books, motion pictures, or music albums in Hindi that your followers may take pleasure in.

FAQs about World Hindi Day (विश्व हिंदी दिवस)

  • Is World Hindi Day the identical as Hindi Day?

No, World Hindi Day and Hindi Day are totally different, though they each rejoice the Hindi language. September 14th is Hindi Day in India. On this present day, India celebrates Hindi Day, marking the historic day when the Constituent Meeting granted Hindi official language standing.

When can we rejoice World Hindi Day? 10 January is the day it’s celebrated globally. It’s celebrated to recollect the primary World Hindi Convention, which was organised in Nagpur, India, within the yr 1975. It’s noticed to rejoice the unfold of the Hindi language exterior India and to boost cultural ties between Hindi-speaking communities all over the world. World Hindi Day is just not restricted to the historic or official points of Hindi inside India however emphasises its world presence and significance.

  • Is Hindi spoken solely in India?

No, Hindi isn’t just spoken in India. It’s spoken in quite a lot of international locations, equivalent to our neighbouring nation, Nepal, in addition to Guyana, Mauritius, Suriname and Fiji.

  • When is World Hindi Day celebrated?

January 10 is the day we rejoice World Hindi Day. Celebrated on a grand scale yearly, it serves to advertise the Hindi language globally. It goals to recognise the importance of Hindi as a way of communication and cultural expression past India’s borders.

  • World Hindi Day was first celebrated by which yr? 

It was first celebrated within the yr 2006.

  • What’s World Hindi Day generally known as in Hindi?

We often say World Hindi Day in English, however in Hindi, it is called Vishwa Hindi Diwas (विश्व हिंदी दिवस)

  • How is World Hindi Day celebrated on a grand scale yearly?

Governments, academic establishments, and cultural organisations typically organise official occasions equivalent to conferences, seminars, and cultural applications to mark World Hindi Day. People can take part by attending native occasions, becoming a member of on-line language studying periods, sharing Hindi-related content material on social media, and fascinating in discussions in regards to the language’s world significance. Non-Hindi audio system can take part by attending occasions, making an attempt out language studying assets, appreciating Hindi literature and humanities, and sharing their experiences or views on the language.


On World Hindi Day, 10 January, let’s come collectively to understand the sweetness and significance of the Hindi language. Interact in discussions, share your favorite Hindi Day quotes on social media, and join with Hindi audio system worldwide. Whether or not you’re a fluent speaker or simply beginning to study, let’s unite in celebrating the essence of Hindi. Completely satisfied World Hindi Day!

After studying this text, you now know why is World Hindi Day celebrated on a grand scale yearly. Nonetheless, it is necessary for us to acknowledge that not everybody is aware of the right way to learn and write. Whereas we immerse ourselves within the festivities, let’s additionally think about those that face boundaries to schooling. 

With Ketto’s month-to-month giving plan, Social Influence Plan (SIP), you’ll be able to contribute as little as Rs 100 a month and ship a toddler to high school. By doing so, you’ll assist these kids study their ABCs and in addition assist their goals of changing into docs, engineers or something their hearts need. 

Whereas World Hindi Day (विश्व हिंदी दिवस) is well known on a grand scale globally, this yr, allow us to attempt to make a distinction and promote literacy for a brighter, inclusive future for all. Let’s rejoice this present day by selling schooling. Unfold the fantastic thing about Hindi to enlighten minds globally, fostering a world the place everybody can take pleasure in language and data.

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