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State W-4 Type | Detailed Withholding Varieties by State Chart (2024)

Once you rent new workers, you must acquire info to confirm employment eligibility and run payroll. Federal Varieties W-4 and I-9 are just the start in relation to new worker types. You might also want to gather state-specific types, together with your state’s W-4. What’s the state W-4 kind?

What’s a state W-4 kind? 

State W-4s work equally to the federal Type W-4, Worker’s Withholding Certificates. Employers use state W-4s to find out state revenue tax withholding for workers. States both use their very own model of the state W-4 or the federal Type W-4. Until your workers work in a state with no state revenue tax, they often should fill out the W-4 state tax kind earlier than beginning a brand new job.

What is a state W-4? Employees and employers use state W-4s to determine state income tax withholding.

Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming don’t have state revenue tax. Most different states require workers to finish the W-4 for state taxes, until the state imposes a flat revenue tax charge.

Your workers’ info on the W-4 state kind determines how a lot you’ll withhold from their wages for state revenue tax. 

Many states use state withholding allowances to find out withholding. Staff can declare state tax allowances for themselves, a partner, or baby. The extra state tax withholding allowances an worker claims on their state W-4, the much less you withhold.

Most states replace their W-4 types yearly. Go to your state’s web site to confirm you’re utilizing essentially the most up-to-date state W-4 kind.

After accumulating your workers’ accomplished state W-4 types, use them to find out how a lot to withhold when working payroll. Retailer workers’ state tax withholding types in your information.

Federal vs. state Varieties W-4

As an employer, you might must withhold three sorts of revenue tax from worker wages, together with federal, state, and native revenue taxes. You should distribute each federal and state Varieties W-4 to workers so you may precisely run payroll. However, what’s the distinction?

Staff use the federal Type W-4 for federal revenue tax withholding. Staff use their state’s model of Type W-4 for state revenue tax withholding. Some states let employers calculate an worker’s state revenue tax withholding primarily based on the knowledge they enter on the federal Type W-4.

Up to date federal W-4 

In 2020, the IRS launched a new W-4 kind that eradicated withholding allowances. Nonetheless, many states nonetheless use withholding allowances for his or her state revenue tax construction. 

Due to this modification, some states that beforehand used the federal kind for state revenue tax withholding have created their very own model of Type W-4 (e.g., Idaho). States that proceed to make use of the federal model made adjustments to their state revenue tax construction. 

Right here’s the underside line: The 2020 model of the federal W-4 kind could have performed away with withholding allowances for federal revenue tax withholding. However, many states proceed to make use of withholding allowances for state revenue tax withholding. 

Listed below are the states which have created their very own model of the state W-4 kind moderately than utilizing the IRS’s up to date model:

  • Colorado* (workers can use both the federal W-4 or Colorado’s state W-4 kind)
  • Delaware* (workers can use both the federal W-4 or Delaware’s state W-4 kind)
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Nebraska 
  • South Carolina 

These are the states that may proceed to make use of the federal W-4 kind:

  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota 
  • Utah

State W-4 types by state map

U.S. map showing states without state income tax, states that use the federal W-4 form, states that have a state W-4 form, and states that let employees use either the federal or state W-4 form

State tax withholding types chart 

You can’t precisely run payroll till you understand how a lot to withhold for state revenue tax. Use this chart to study which state W-4 kind you must distribute to and acquire from new hires.

State State W-4 Type
Alabama Type A-4, Worker’s Withholding Tax Exemption Certificates
Alaska N/A, no state revenue tax
Arizona Arizona Type A-4, Worker’s Arizona Withholding Election
Arkansas Type AR4EC, State of Arkansas Worker’s Withholding Exemption Certificates
California Type DE 4, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Colorado Type DR 0004, Colorado Worker Withholding Certificates
Connecticut Type CT-W4, Worker’s Withholding Certificates
D.C. Type D-4, Worker Withholding Allowance Certificates
Delaware Delaware W-4, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Florida N/A, no state revenue tax
Georgia Type G-4, State of Georgia Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Hawaii Type HW-4, Worker’s Withholding Allowance and Standing Certificates
Idaho Type ID W-4, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Illinois Type IL-W-4, Worker’s and different Payee’s Illinois Withholding Allowance Certificates and Directions
Indiana Type WH-4, Worker’s Withholding Exemption and County Standing Certificates
Iowa Type IA W-4, Worker Withholding Allowance Certificates
Kansas Type Ok-4, Kansas Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Kentucky Type Ok-4, Kentucky’s Withholding Certificates
Louisiana Type L-4, Worker Withholding Exemption Certificates
Maine Type W-4ME, Maine Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Maryland Type MW507, Worker’s Maryland Withholding Exemption Certificates
Massachusetts Type M-4, Massachusetts Worker’s Withholding Exemption Certificates
Michigan Type MI-W4, Worker’s Michigan Withholding Exemption Certificates
Minnesota Type W-4MN, Minnesota Worker Withholding Allowance/Exemption Certificates
Mississippi Type 89-350-20-8-1-000, Mississippi Worker’s Withholding Exemption Certificates
Missouri Type MO W-4, Worker’s Withholding Certificates
Montana Type MW-4, Montana Worker’s Withholding Allowance and Exemption Certificates
Nebraska Type W-4N, Worker’s Nebraska Withholding Allowance Certificates
Nevada N/A, no state revenue tax
New Hampshire N/A, no state revenue tax
New Jersey Type NJ-W4, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
New Mexico Type W-4, Worker’s Withholding Certificates
New York Type IT-2104, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
North Carolina Type NC-4, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
North Dakota Type W-4, Worker’s Withholding Certificates
Ohio Type IT-4, Worker’s Withholding Exemption Certificates
Oklahoma Type OK-W-4, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Oregon Type OR-W-4, Oregon Worker’s Withholding Assertion and Exemption Certificates
Pennsylvania N/A, everybody pays a flat charge until exempt
Rhode Island RI W-4, State of Rhode Island Division of Taxation Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
South Carolina SC W-4, South Carolina Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
South Dakota N/A, no state revenue tax
Tennessee N/A, no state revenue tax
Texas N/A, no state revenue tax
Utah Type W-4, Worker’s Withholding Certificates
Vermont Type W-4VT, Worker’s Withholding Allowance Certificates
Virginia Type VA-4, Worker’s Virginia Earnings Tax Withholding Exemption Certificates
Washington N/A, no state revenue tax
West Virginia Type WV/IT-104, West Virginia Worker’s Withholding Exemption Certificates
Wisconsin Type WT-4, Worker’s Wisconsin Withholding Exemption Certificates/New Rent Reporting
Wyoming N/A, no state revenue tax

*Some states could require further types for particular circumstances. For instance, Pennsylvania requires that new hires full the Residency Certification Type. Examine together with your state for extra info. 

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Updating state tax withholding types

Your workers could wish to alter their withholding on their state W-4 after finishing the unique kind. For instance, an worker could get married or divorced, add or take away a dependent, or undergo one other life occasion that impacts their withholding.

Staff can replace their state tax withholding types all year long. You should definitely acquire their up to date state tax types to your information and alter your payroll.

State withholding and Type W-2 

Every year, you’re accountable for reporting how a lot you paid workers and withheld from their wages for revenue and payroll taxes when filling out W-2, Wage and Tax Assertion.

Containers 15-17 on Type W-2 take care of your state. Report how a lot you withheld and remitted for state revenue tax in Field 17. Once more, the quantity you withheld for the yr is often primarily based on the worker’s state W-4.

In case your workers work in a state with state revenue tax, you must acquire state W-4 types and retailer them in your information. Make a copy within the cloud with Patriot’s on-line HR software program. The HR software program integrates with our on-line payroll. Attempt each without spending a dime at the moment!

This text has been up to date from its authentic publication date of December 31, 2018. 

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