Female soccer game is a sport that has been developed through recent years and it is getting more and more fans from around the world.

Soccer is male’s sport, yet, it is a center of attention to the ladies. The number of professional female players has slowly increased and fans already have their favorite ones. In our turn, we made a list of these beautiful talented women.

1- Alexandria Patricia Morgan

Alexandria Patricia Morgan Carrasco was born on July 2 1989 in San Dimas. She plays for Orlando Pride as a striker, Olympic champion with the USWNT and world champion in 2015 and 2019.

2- Jonelle Filigno (Canada)

Jonelle Filigno, Canadian striker and a member of Canada soccer team.

3- Hope Solo

Hope Amerlia Solo is an American player holding a goal keeper position, double Olympic champion in 2008 and 2012 with USA teamand world champion in 2015.

4- Kosovare Asllani (Sweden)

Kosovare is a Swedish player in the national Swedish team and Real Madrid.

5- Laure Boulleau (France)

Laure Boulleau was born on October 22 1986 in Clermont-Ferrand, a left wingman for Paris Saint-Germain football club between 2000 and 2010.

6- Heaher Mitts (USA)

Heather Blaine Mitts Feeley is a former defendor for the USNWT. She retired in 2013.

7- Louisa Necib (France)

Cadamuro’s spouse, born on January 1987 in Marseille, Played as midfielder. She retired in 2016 playing for Olympique Lyonnaie football club.

8- Julia Simic (Germany)

Julia Simic is mainly the West Ham United’s midfielder in the FA WSL. She played for several German youth teams.

9- Kyah Simon (Australia)

Kyah was born on June 25 1991, in Blacktown, an aborigine Australian striker. She is playing for Boston Breakers.

10- Ali Krieger (USA)

Alexandra Blaire Krieger, AKA Ali Krieger, born on July 28 1984 in Alexandria. She is a defensive mid-fielder for Orlando Pride in the NWSL.

11- Lisa Dahlvist (Sweden)

Lisa Dahlvist, born on February 6 1987 in Stockholm, a Swedish Midfielder who plays for Paris Saint Germain.

12- Kaylin Kyle

A Canadian offensive mid-fielder, born on October 1988 in Saskatoon in Saskatchewan. She plays for Seattle Reign and member of the National Canadian Team. Kyle is an Ambassador for a humanitarian organizaton called “Right To Play”.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!