Bloating is the nightmare of many people. In fact, sometimes you just can’t figure out why you are bloated, even if you do not eat junk food and exercise regularly.

Disclaimer: The following reasons and tips do not replace a professional medical advice. If you are often bloated, you need to consult a doctor to get professional, medical advice.

Why am I bloated?

We often think that bloating is a direct consequence of unreleased gas in our belly. Nevertheless, You need to know that bloating may result from stress and sometimes from excess of dairy products and salt . Eating fast, soda and overeating can cause bloating too. In addition, monthly periods can cause a bloating the week before women get their periods, which is a premenstrual syndrome.

In this article we will provide you with tips to get rid of bloating or prevent it.

Dairy products are not always your friend

Some of us have trouble digesting dairy products. If you consume too much milk and are addicted to cheese, it is time to try reducing your intake for some time. After you cut out dairy products, take notice if your bloating diminishes, it is probably dairy intake you should reduce. You always need to consult a doctor though.

Say no to bad fats

Fat is essential for building nerve tissue and hormones. Nevertheless, if you consume too much fat it will cause you weight gain and bloating. You should favor healthy fats that you may find in avocado, olive oil, salmon, natural almonds. Be careful not to consume much of it too.

Eat slowly

Yes! nowadays we are often always rushed into work, eating, transports, metros, daily chores etc. So, we forget to take our time to chew our food! Giving yourself more time to eat means giving your stomach help digesting food.

You should try to stress less

Stress causes many health problems. Among those is bloating. Stress can cause, for some people, digestion problems, constipation, pain and bloating. So, you should try to relax more often by doing yoga and working out regularly. The release of stress will help regulating hormone production and hopefully make your bloating disappear.

Drink herbal tea not soda

One of the greatest ways that help you get rid of bloating is herbal tea. You can use infusions of peppermint, ginger, seeds of fennel and chamomile. Include this in your daily routine and hydrate yourself more often.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!