Sport has never been the favorite activity or hobby of women. Formerly absent from the sports sphere, they are starting to take an interest in sports journalism.

Host of sports programs or match commentators, they have the advantage of capturing the attention of viewers and making them maintain their listening position during halftime. As they are not men, their mistakes and faults are all the more severely criticized. And life is less sweet there.

In good miter of their art, they can stand in a debate on a match or a competition with male comments for hours.

Few in number, this article aims to introduce you to the most sensual of these women sports journalists who attract attention.

1.Sara Carbonero 

Sara Carbonero is the queen of beauty in the rank of women sports journalists. Either her romantic relationship with Iker Casillas, the Real Madrid goalkeeper, and their public kiss during the World Cup, have given her a boost in her professional career. Or on the contrary discredit her obvious physical charm.

2. Anna Kraft

The German Anna Kraft, image Sky Sport News, is distinguished by her patriotism and her particular athletic physique. It might be that her physique confers her the title of number two world in term of sexy women sports journalists. Her comments reflect her attachment to her homeland and her presentations have a knack for hanging on.

3. Georgie Thompson 

Georgie Thompson sets herself apart from her sisters by the fact that she is more in the comments of Formula 1 competitions. Rather than any other. She is also the icon. She sometimes leads the TG Sky Sport News show and is a confirmed beauty.

4. Laura Esposito 

The title of “Miss Italian Sports Journalism” to D’Amico won by Laura Esposito is only a confirmation of her particular physical attractions. She is one of the top 10 sexiest sports journalists in the world.

We can follow her on Europe 7 alongside Massimo Caputi, in the special series on the B Series. With a past as a top model, she preferred to pursue her journalistic career. To the happiness of its viewers.

5. Ines Sainz 

At the age of 35, Ines Sainz is one of the most remarkable figures in the CNN chain in Mexico. She has devoted herself to various sports, but owes her meteoric rise to the World Cup. The combination of her work and her physique earned her many honors.

6. Charlotte Jackson 

The Englishwoman Charlotte Jackson is 30 years old. She is a sports presenter in Sky since 2009. The dismissal of Andy Gray and Richard Kays, for sexist remarks towards her, propelled her. She is a loyal supporter of Liverpool.

7. Ilaria D’Amico 

Italy can boast of having several of its daughters in the rankings. Ilaria D’Amico is the expression of female sports journalism. She was at the center of the stage for the biggest recent competitions. She left her mark on Sky Italia and proved her talent in other fields such as politics.

8. Kate Abdo 

The 8th place went to the English Kate Abdo, pampered by Germany. Presenter of Sky Sport News. she took her first steps in journalism at CNN. Impressive and captivating , she is multilingual. Spanish, German, French, English have no secrets for her.

9. Mikaela Calcagno 

We are closing the Italian wave with Mikaela Calcagno, the figure of choice for Mediaset Premium. She is at the helm for Series A and Italian Cup matches. She sometimes presents the newspaper “TG Sportmediaset”. Her skills take nothing away from her beauty.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!