Who Said Women Soldiers could not Be Sexy? once, women soldiers used to occupy auxiliary positions and were kept away from combat operations during the First and Second World Wars.

Nowadays, women soldiers have no borders: they serve in the army, in the navy, in the air forces, the military police and many other services. They are as competent as they are beautiful.

1. Norwegian Air Force Soldier

Julie Sletten is a female soldier in the Norwegian army. She is also a very popular Instagramer, with 56.6K subscribers.

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2. United States Cost Guards

Jay Brunetti is also a fan of sport and the sea. On her Instagram account, she shares snapshots of her life.

3. American Marine

Emily Rebecca is a gorgeous redhead engaged in American Marine.

4. Air force Soldier

In addition to being a female soldier, Paola, is a well-followed social media woman. The latter shares videos, tutorials and sports tips.

5. United States Marine Corps

Lydia is also a very feminine and very fashionable woman. Flirtatious and sensual, you wouldn’t imagine she’s part of the defense corps.

6. Ex-combatant of the Marine Force

When you look at Stephaney, you perceive a top model.

7. Sergeant Harrison

Taylor Harisson is a beautiful female soldier who sometimes poses for pretty daring photos!

8. A non Commissioned Officer

Juliet is a non-commissioned officer who also loves dogs and sports. She does not have many followers on social networks but she remains a very charming woman.

9. Sergeant Lowery of US Air Force

Sergeant Lowery of the United States Air Force, is a passionate girl aboutsports. Keema loves bodybuilding and fitness.

10. A Soldier of Marine Infantry

Sarah Smith is a bodybuilding buff. Under her uniform and her smile, she hides a very muscular body!

11. Veteran of the United States Air Force

Besides being a Veteran, Briana Hightower is also a wife and a happy mom.

12. Member of the Naval Air Force

In addition to being a member of the Naval Air Force, Julia Linares is a lovely mother of two children.

The history of women in the army

The history of women in the military goes back to more than 4,000 years across many countries and civilizations. From the warriors of antiquity to the military women involved in contemporary conflicts, they have played multiple roles in the armies, even if in all cultures the vast majority of combatants have been men.

Relatively few women in history have fought alongside men, they have rather been employed as auxiliaries. Their engagement in the front has often been prohibited and remains a subject of controversy.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!