With globalization and opening opportunities at the international level, moving to another country to live and work is becoming more frequent. In fact, people do not hesitate to move to a foreign country where they will find the quality of life they wish for.

After recent events, when we hear New Zealand, we hear at the same time Jacinda Ardern, the youngest Prime Minister, elected on September, 2017. She is the youngest leader of the country.

Jacinda Ardern proved to know how to face hindrances and catastrophes that New Zealand have been facing lately, with a huge confidence, a great smile and immediate favorable results and solutions. She handled in a very admirable and efficient way the Christchurch attack, the irruption of White Island’s Volcano and Covid-19. Indeedn, New Zealand is the first country which registered 0 contamination since some time and declared to have overcome Covid-19 crisis.

Living in New Zealand

With a great leader a country becomes very attractive to foreigners who would like to live and work abroad. New Zealand is an island country situated in the Southern part of Pacific Ocean. It comprises two main islands, North Island and South Island. New Zealand’s capital city is Wellington and its most populated area is Auckland.

It is a country which remains very multicultural. The people who live their are a mixture of Europeans, Maori, Pacific islanders and Asians. People of different faiths live together.

Work and living opportunities

New Zealand offers great work opportunities. In a liberal free trade economy, great sens of respecting civil liberties, highly ranked quality of life, people can prosper quickly. There are many sectors and areas where you can unpack and live a quite, prosperous life in New Zealand.

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Areas where you can find work easily

Targeting the right place increases your chances to find work. Like most countries, the capital city is the most hiring area, for it is the most condensed.


Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city. When we take into consideration job offers, people’s density and pay rates, Wellington takes the first place. There are 9.74 job ads for every 1,000 residents aged 20 to 64.

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Auckland is by far the most job listings per person, at 10.55 ads for every 1,000 residents. Even if it lags behind Wellington regarding pay rate, it is still top contender for job seekers.


Canterbury has the second lowest unemployment rate in the country. It has excellent pay rates which is only a dollar behind Auckland. Further, it has the same job opportunities as Wellington.

Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough

The locations are put in the same job data arena. The south island is ideal for Kiwi job hunters, although It has a low job ads.

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Most hiring sectors

According government’s assertions, it is a great time to look for work in New Zealand if ou have the right skills. They register an economic growth of 3% annually, resulting in decrease of unemployment.

New Zealand has many job openings for both specialized areas, such as Health, IT and Engineering, and for more generalist skills, such as, agriculture, construction, trades and business services.

New Zealand has a high job demand in Agriculture, Horticulture, mining and Forestry and Education in regional areas. Agriculture is the largest sector in the country. Beef cattle is in the north-island and dairy farming in wetlands of Taranaki. In Horticulture, the Kiwi fruit registers the highest export rate and job demands.

Furthermore, New Zealand is rich in natural resources, and it has deposits of iron ore, silver, coal, gold, and limestone. The country ranks 22nd globally in iron ore production and 29th in gold production. So, mining industry offers job opportunities also.

In addition to all these opportunities, you will find hospitality and multiculturalism.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!