Did you know that nowadays you can get free sample products without moving from home? yes! you can get many free samples and coupons online just by filing online forms or following the brand’s page on facebook or instagram.

In this article we will provide with the secrets to receive free samples of your favorite products.

Fill up forms

The very first tip is to go on website of your favorite products and see if they offer the service. You will generally find a fill the form and get a free sample to try service. Fill the form with your first name, last name and address and in one click you will be ready to receive a free sample.

Be careful not to give your personal credit card information because these offers are completely free. The main condition is to eligible for receiving a free sample. In addition, they may request from you to provide the company with a follow up on the product after you try it.

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P&G BrandSampler program

Procter and Gambler offers the BrandSampler program against a filled form about your lifestyle. By visiting P&G Everyday, click on get started and create a login if you are new to the website. You will have a list of free samples and coupons you can get. For some samples you will need to complete a form and see if you qualify to get the products mailed to you.

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Become a “pincher”

With Pinch me you need to complete a survey about yourself to see if you qualify for free samples. No credit card will be needed for this to work too. Your feedback is required after you try the free samples.

In order to joing PINCHme, you need to join by signing in or through facebook. The secret is see once a month on a tuesday the bach that will be available. You can even earn point by completing your profile and giving feedback on the samples that you received.

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If you are very active on social media, influenster is the way to go. You can get a box full of free samples. You will receive the boxes of free samples by writing a feedback on the products you haavetried. Some online tasks are requested. The number of tasks you perform will get more chance to get a job later.

Free sample clothing

Up to now we have presented some tips about getting free products. You need to know that getting free clothes samples is as possible as other products. You may want to try Freebieslovers and get a sample of the proposed list.

Be careful not to communicate your credit card information, for all these services are free.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!