Employment sector has known its most important shake with the devastating impact of covid-19 on economy. The current crisis is not without precedent but it is an important one.

In this issue, we will provide you with the most hiring sectors in Gulf countries. Furthermore, you will find tips to get a job easily as an expat in Gulf countries. If you are jobless because of the current economic crisis or looking for expending your professional experience, Gulf countries are the new path you need to embrace.

Dubai marina daytime skyline in United Arab Emirates

The world is a witness to the flourishing economy of Gulf countries. This is due, in part, to an important work force that is in place. It is also due to internal stability of the market and corporate sectors, which is at the core of long lasting economic stability.

Gulf countries embody many countries among which we find: Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. These are countries engage into international hiring of work force. The countries have developed many key industries. In fact, besides petroleum industry, luxurious hotels, high tech and tourism became the most hiring sectors in the Gulf.

If you want to discover the most hiring sectors and the easiest and most practicle tips to find a job in Gulf countries continue scrolling down.

First, you need to know that mastering English language is very important. Even if Gulf countries mother tongue is Arabic, professional sectors are all run by English language.

United Arab Emirates

According to a report by Consultancy Robert half, Management accountants, CFOs, Risk managers and HR are the most sought for jobs in UAE, during 2020. Management accounting is ranked at the top of the list with a ($79,300 – $113,000 per annum). CFO, Chief Financial Officer, comes at the second position with ($196,100 – $438,900) a year. The third position is for Risk Managers ($98,100 – $156,900).


Qatar is one of the richest countries in Gulf area. The best hiring sectors are in oil and gas industries. However, sectors like Aviation, petrochemicals, healthcare and transportation remain at the top of the list where you find the most hiring job opportunities. You may use Edarabia to access a list of the best hiring agencies in Qatar in every sector.


In Kuwait there are many hiring sectors where you can get a job easily if you have the necessary experience. The most hiring sector is the one of digital marketing. The, the second best hiring sector is baking one. Bank branch manager is very good paid job where there is lot of recruitment. The third best job in Kuwait you can get hired in easily is sales executive.


The top sectors that offer most opportunities of hiring to expats are: Business services, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure and education. To perform your search you may use bayt .

Tips to get jobs in Gulf countries

International companies are key

In Gulf countries you will find many multinational companies. In order to get a job, the first step is to research international companies in key sectors. They are inclined to hiring international work force. You may want to target the sector of activity you have most experience in. Furthermore they value university diplomas.

You may find in this list links to help you target your job search and register:

Have your self branding ready

To the greatest pain of C. Marx, we become products who need to present value on the hiring job market. Th first thing that the recruiter notices is your CV and presentation. It highlights your background, skills and experience. You have to stand out of the many potential candidates. To do so, you can look for the most professional to present a cv. Furthermore, a well written cover letter always gives you an easy way in.

Use social media, Linkedin

Linkedin is the most used social media app by recruiters who look for serious and trustworthy profiles. Therefore, make sure to update your linkedin profile by listing chronologically your experience and skills. In order to have a targeted search, change your location on your Linkedin profile to the country or the city you are going to/ will be living in.

Optimize your time

A common mistake, that most people commit, is applying the last minute before you leave for the country you want to work in. You may want to start applying months before you intend to go live in the target country.

Know you rights and duties

Knowing the rules applying to foreign workers makes the job hunt much easier. For instance in the UAE, you need to have a residant visa, a labour card, which is a work certificate and a health card. The labour card is provided to people who are aged between 18 and 60 years old and who have the right qualifications in the field.

Target the right places

Gulf countries present many job opportunities, however, you need to target cities where you have a higher chance to get a job. The UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arbia have been classified as the happiest countries to work in. So, make sure you target the right places, for it is easier to find a job in a happy place.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!