You had too much sugar, alcohol and fat? Your liver is engorged? Good news; certain food is here to the rescue.

Dieting has an important role for our organs. Liver is that one of the most crucial part in our system; it is responsible for biochemical and metabolic functions and making it deal with bad food leads to liver exhaustion and finally liver damage.

On the other hand, food that has antioxidants, minerals and vitamins (A,B,C) are beneficial for your liver. they are conducive to clean up toxins and prohibit hepatic diseases.

1- Black Chocolate

“Unlike lots of spreading myths, black chocolat with 70% of cacao is actually beneficial. It has Magnesium for protection, antioxidants for lifetime increase a,d limits inflammations. these ingredients also work as anti-depressing and gives energy for the body” says Dr. Marcellin. It seems medically seems coherent, but white chocolate or with milk is to avoid as is it loaded with sugar and fat.

2- Walnuts

Oilseeds like walnuts are filled with phosphorus (Mineral). It allows metabolize lipids, thus moderate their level in liver.

3- Goat cheese

Milk was known as the most fulfilling natural source a man could consume. But with time, its reputation decreased due to its high levels of fat and sometimes thick to digest. People are obsessed with Calcium, a nutrient responsible for bones and teeth strength, blood coagulation, nervous system and hormones moderation. Dairy milk, can be very healthy if taken properly and a perfect bonus for your liver thanks to the lipids that they contain.

4- Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that work for liver detoxification. It also has polyphenols that works both for liver and cardiovascular system and specifically reduces chance of liver cancer. ” We find that countries who consume more tea than others have less liver conditions”, Hepatologists studies. Another one in Netherlands published in Hepathlogy journal in 2017 showed that frequent tea consuming (more than 3 cups a day) reduces cirrhosis syndroms.

5- Organ meats

The Iron storage in the body is mainly inside the liver; thanks to ferritin that transfers Iron into Hemoglobin, the immune system grows stronger when in need. The liver is able to receive a considerable amount of Iron that is necessary without risk of overloading. Red meat is a great source of all that (beef or organ meat).

6- Red fruits

Red fruits like Cassis, Blueberries or strawberries contains enormous amounts of Vitamin C that favors glutathion synthesis, an antioxidant that helps increase immune system. Moreover, red fruits prevents cellular inflammations and limits free radicals.

7- Coffee

Coffe is often misunderstood. A lot of people think that if they have hepatic conditions, they should not be drinking coffee, whereas recent studies ave shown that caffeine has antioxidant stimulate cellular function and a good defendor for people who have liver conditions such as NASH. Drinking two or three cups a day helps ameliorate liver health.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!