Like every human being, our stars do not always have the perfect health. They seem so successful and well-dressed in TV but how are the really?

Unfortunately, most of them are not doing so well and suffer in silence while without anything to notice.

From the rarest to the harshest, here are a list of twenty nine stars who are really sick that you did not know about.

1- Hugh Jackman

Known by his role the fierce “Wolverine”, but in real life, diagnosed with skin Cancer.

2- Adam Sandler

Adam was eaten alive by depression, something that kept off his work for a while.

3- Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin himself suffers from Lyme disease for 17 years. Not so cool tick bites.

4- Miley Cyrus

Known when she was younger as “Hannah Montana”, Miley has serious health issues. She has Tachycardia in such a young age. Sad.

5- Lady Gaga

Our star was being demolished by Fibromyalgia, a disease that threatens her life and her career. It is a condition that causes pain all over the body, accompanied by a severe fatigue and sleeping issues.

6- Oralndo Bloom

This every girl’s prince charming is dyslexic. Tough Luck.

7- Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has been suffering his whole life from panic attacks, something that is making his life much harder as an actor.

8- Arianda Grande

This cutie can sing any note but cannot eat any food due to her Hypoglycemic condition, which is making her more careful about what is eating.

9- Benoit Poelvoorde

The actor suffers from depression and sick of his low spirit.

10- Britney Spears

The gorgeous Britney is not as stable as we see her performing. She is bipolar and in a very depressing state of mind.

11- Mary and Kate Olsen

The olsen twins have Anorexia since a young age. Media have a hold on them since ever and negatively affected their lives.

12- Katherine like Zeta-Jones

Like Britney Spears, The actress has also bipolar issues. Not so easy to be a star.

13- Shannen Doherty

She is probably more known by her long battle with cancer than being an actress. Such a dispecable disease.

14- Clovis Cornillac

It is a chronical zoot that our film maker is suffering from. Looking at his eyes, we could tell that his life is a mess.

15- David Golis

David had a lymphatic cancer that ended his life too soon. He shall be forever remembered.

16- Dick Donato

Our artist has an incurable disease. Diagnosed with HIV positive, he shows some courage living his life with the little things he has.

17- Hale Berry

This beautiful actress has to watch over her nutrition process as she is diabetic.

18- Holly Marie Comb

This actress has a rare disease, a skin depigmentation in different parts of her body. Her death was a great loss to Holywood.

19- Jonathan Rhys Meyers

As an Alcoholic, He should not hang around drinks.

20- ChloƩ Sevigny

The celebrity suffers from scoliosis with a great amount of pain.

21- Lil’ Wayne

This American rapper suffers from Epileptic seizures. He is so gangsta that he does not seem like it.

22- Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has Cleptomania. Before you hang with her, you need to know that she is bad news.

23- Michael J. Fox

Michael Fox has Parkinson disease that he had been fighting for a long time.

24- Missy Elliot

This American rapper has ended her career due to an immune system disease. Her life was ahead of her.

25- Sabrina

This reality TV star passed away due to a Cystic Fibrosis disease. May she rest in piece.

26- Sarah Hyland

This young gorgeous actress had to endure a severe kidney issues. She suffers from renal Dysphasia.

27- Thalia

The amazing Thalia had been stung by a tick and passed away due to bacterial infection transmitted by this creature (Lyme disease).

28- Venus Williams

This Tennis suffers from an immune system disease that had her head over heels. We can imagine the devastation fear that she has on the field and yet she plays fearing no Gods.

29- Zahia

Zahia dies from spine deformation along with terrible amount of pain (Hyper Lordosis).

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!