When it comes to losing weight, everybody wants quick results. The process obviously requires dieting and working out consistently whatever the body area you want to work on. However, “the ways of the ancients” can be a perfect bonus for your quest so we gathered some Gandma’s tricks to lose belly weight.

The main things that can help lose include:

1- Lemon water

Squeeze half a lemon and add to one liter of water to drink throughout the day. It is part of detoxification process and a dietary mean. You can drink up to two liters a day.

2- Washing teeth right after Breakfast

If teeth is brushed in the morning and evening, it is better to also brush them at noon time so the taste remained in the mouth would not give the desire to double eat in the evening.

3- Pepper all dishes

Pepper helps digesting food by speeding up the burn of fat. Next time you eat something, pepper it up nice.

4- Do not eat after 7 P.M

Your body gains are basically be happening when resting right after eating at night. Avoiding at least thick food in the evening forth helps keeping you on track and saves you a thousand regrets.

5- Green tea

Drinking Green tea helps burning 80 calories per day. This method is being used since thousands of yours by ancient chinese old ladies where they used to consider it as a source for a good digestion and a faster weight lossPut parsley in all dishes

6- Add Parsley

Parsley is very dietary; it prevents water retention, regulates sugar levels in blood and a great choice to add flavors into your meals.

7- Nettle tea

Cup of healthy herbal tea with nettle.Tea with fresh nettles.Herbal tea

Boil a handful of nettle tea in half liter of water and consume it regularly. It would help getting rid of fat faster thus better results in no time.

8- Eating cold potatoes or Eggs

Cold potatoes helps giving a feeling of a filled stomach and eggs do not have that much calories. for a whole fulfilling meal, Try having a cold potatoes salad.

9- Artichoke water

Artichoke water’s taste may not be suitable for everyone, but it can be very useful for weight loss.  with all its wonderful fiber, it will act as a natural laxative and remove additional waste and toxins.

10- Coffee grounds

Caffeine is often used in slimming creams, but coffee grounds is also effective for wiping out extra fat on your belly.

11- Going out with a full stomach

This trick is particularly cannot be related but it can help us keep our stomach filled in order not to buy food when indoors.

12- Eating tomatoes in the morning

Eating one tomato early in the morning helps you get slimmer faster as it is conducive to regulate cholesterol levels in blood.

13- Eating soup in the evening

It is common truth that food should get lighter by the day. A vegetables soup is satisfactory to your stomach and the whole digestion system as a whole, thus having extra meal won’ t be necessary.

14- Staying active, even indoors

Working out is the first thing that comes in your head when mentioning physical activity, whether it was indoors or outdoors. Nonethess, simple house work is also beneficial for your body count; one hour of it can burn 200 calories. Stay fit, at home.

15- Fruits for desert

Instead of cake or dairy products, eating one type of fruit after every meal is a good habit not only for your body’s well-being but it is also proper food that helps lose weight.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!