1- Skin Changes

Size or color change of certain dots in your skin or even new ones, could be a sign of skin cancer. It could also be a distinguished art of your skin that does not seem like the rest of your body.

If you tend to unfamiliar marks, viewing a doctor is recommended to the tests needed for an biopsy to Exterminate.

2- Persisting cough

If you are a non-smoker, you should not be worried about that. It could be due to a postnatal dischrage, asthma or infection.

tumor cancer

However, if coughing with blood bursts, it means that there is something serious that needs to be checked. Taking a mucus sample or doing a radiography test is needed for a lung cancer test.

3- Breast changes

Most of breast changes are not to worry about. Although it is always important to reconsider medical assessment.

If you are witnessing bumps, nipple changes, discharge, redness, thickening or pain in the breasts, a mammography test can reveal the issue. An MRI test or even biopsy can be alternatives.

4- Bloating

Feeling bloated is not hard to notice as we go through dieting or stress body count. But if it is not getting any better or you are sensing fatigue loss of weight or back pain, it needs to be checked.

Permanent bloating for women might be a sign of ovary cancer. Doing tests on pelvic area of the body is recommended in such cases.

5- Urinal issues

Being old goes hand in hand with constant need to go to the bathroom, leaking or even weak spray. Generally it is caused by prostate issues, and in worst cases, Prostate cancer. You may consult your doctor for a PSA test.

6- Swollen lymph nodes

Are you having minor glands on your neck, armpits or other parts of your body? you should have that checked because you could be facing an infection, cold or a strep throat.

Certain types of cancer such as Lymphoma or Leukemia can cause such symptoms. Talk to your doctor about that

7- Blood when using the bathroom

Noticing blood after getting off the toilet is something you need to talk about with your doctor. Bloody stools are likely to come from inflamed hemorrhoids but in severe cases it is a sign of colon cancer.

The blood in your urine could be a mere infection in urinary areas, kidney cancer or bladder cancer.

8- Testicular changes

Testicular changes consist of bloated testicles, a sign that needs medical consultation. Painless size increase is a sign of testicle cancer.

Men can sense heaviness in lower area of their belly or scrotum, as well as feeling bigger testicles. Your doctor would suggest a physical exam or ultrasound in order to locate a tumor if there is any.

9- Hard to swallow

A cold, an acid re-flux or certain medicines can make swallowing harder from time to time. Serious cases could mean that you have throat cancer or due to a piping problem between the mouth and the stomach, called the esophagus. Doctors may carry out radiography or barium examination
where you swallow a chalky liquid to show your throat more clearly on the image.

10- Unusual vaginal bleeding

Bleeding besides menstruation comes from many reasons such as fibroma or birth control.

However you should inform your doctor about the bleeding between menstruation and during intercourse. It could mean that you have uterus cancer, cervix cancer or vagina cancer. Bleeding dsicharge after menopause is also serious and needs to be consulted for.

11- Oral issues

From bad breath to canker sores, the majority of oral changes are not seem to be something critical. But if you have white or red plates inside your mouth that won’t go away, it means that it is not good as it should be.

This could be signs of Oral cancer. Other signs: lump in cheek, troubles moving jaw or pain in the mouth.

12- Weight loss

You can lose weight by following a diet or exercise. On the other hand, it could mean that you are exposed to certain levels of stress or a Thyroid problem. And it is would more intriguing if you lose 10 kilos in no time, without even trying.

High chance that it is caused by Pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, lung cancer or other types.

13- Fever

Basically, a fever is not a serious sign. Sometimes it is just that your body is facing a certain infection or medicines’ side effect.

If the case was persistent and for no obvious reason, it could be Blood cancer (Leukemia or Lymphoma).

14- Burning stomach or indigestion

Most people have these symptoms because of stress or bad dieting.

Trying to change lifestyle is a perfect solution to prevent these symptoms from showing up again. If not, your stomach can threatened to have stomach cancer.

15- Fatigue

A lot of things can cause you fatigue and the majority of cases are not that serious. Only there is this one case of having Leukemia.

Stomach cancer or colon cancer can cause blood loss and it is a case that you may not see it coming. If you feel constantly tired and resting is not helping, consult your doctor.

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Did you like this article ? Talk about it on social networks!