Plastic surgery has become a necessity for stars. A star who has had no recourse to some touch-up corrections? You could say that this is almost impossible. No question of letting aging marks appear on the face or leave small imperfections. Everything must be perfect, no matter the price. The media outings are not merciful, so you have to be in style to avoid criticism in a world based on appearances.

A selection of before and after plastic surgery pictures of stars

Cristina Cordula

The TV host admits to regularly using cosmetic surgery to correct her eyes and skin imperfections.

Cindy Crawford

The ex-model admits that anti-aging creams have no effect from a certain age, hence her use of botox and collagen injections.

The stars are rebuilding their youth

Shining in the spotlight and wearing beautiful outfits on an impeccable body is the goal of almost the majority of stars. Besides, they are ready to spend astronomical sums to obtain the expected results.

A radiant complexion with zero wrinkles, rejuvenating for several years, having an intense look, all these little pleasures are well worth the money that the stars spend to obtain them.

Ranging from € 300 to more than € 7000 for surgery on a small part of the face or body does not dissuade these international stars in search of a perfect appearance. Yes, when you are a star you are almost obliged to comply with all trends.

Gwyneth Paltrow

A follower of naturalness, the star could not resist botox. A decision she bitterly regrets.

Jane Fonda

The star has a trick to make people look away from the plastic surgery underwent by opting for a new haircut.

Jennifer Lopez

The Latin bomb seems to perfectly assume her curves but not her nose. She slightly corrected the latter and it seems to go rather well.


The singer admits to having used botox 15 years ago. She regrets it and found it ridiculous since she had the impression of having a plaster face.

Robin Wrigh

The star perfectly assumes her use of cosmetic surgery and admits going twice a year to her surgeon to inject botox in the face. Robin admits that this is completely normal since everyone does it nowadays.

Kendall Jenner

A follower of the natural look, Kendall joins her sister Kylie and gives in for injections on the lips. Having luscious lips takes precedence over the desire to keep a natural look.

Kelly Rowland

The American singer opted for breast implants at 28 years old. She wanted them 10 years earlier but obeyed her mother who had forbidden her at the time to have this surgery.

Tyra Banks

The host and actress admits having redone her nose for health and aesthetic reasons too. She also has fake hair. For her to tell the truth about the stuff she changed is a duty to her fans.

Kaley Couco

The main actress of the American series “The Big Bang theory is an avid fan of plastic surgery and recognizes it openly. She underwent several operations in particular, to redo her nose and increase her chest.

Lisa Kudrow

The actress from the series Friends was complexed by her nose which she found very ugly. She did not hesitate to correct it. The result is really visible.

Star’s Plastic surgery: from the smallest aesthetic corrections to the most radical change

If some stars resort to plastic surgery to hide small flaws or wrinkles, others opt for total transformation like the sisters Latoya and Janet Jackson. Celebrities become unrecognizable after undergoing several surgeries.

The passage to the operating room to rejuvenate, obtain an impeccable face and body has become commonplace among singers, cinema stars and others. Emmanuelle Béart’s plastic surgery completely failed. He thinks that his mouth plastic intervention is totally unsuccessful.

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