The Kardashians are one of the most famous family in the world. They match royal families’ popularity. The Kardashians have been on cameras for a long time, but cameras do not show everything. So we shared Facts about this famous family that you did not know.

1- “Kardashian” means “The son of a stonecutter”

At first sight, It does look distinguished from most of surnames, especially in America. It derives from Armenian Origins, a fact that most people do not know and The Kardashians do not talk about it that much.

2- Kourtney Kardashian and Nicole Richie were class mates

The two Reality TV stars had studied in Arizone university. Nicole dropped off while Kourtney had got a baccalaureate degree in Theatre and an academic certificate of Spanish.

3- Kris Jenner cheated on Robert Kardashian

Kris Jenner mentioned some details about her realtionship in her book “Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashians”. She was only 18 when they first met and her being thoughtless was one the things she regretted earlier in her life. “I don’t know how but I found myself confronting a major glitch in my thirties. His name was Ryan and he was a producer. One day, Robert followed me. He found us at a restaurant.” The couple divorced in 1990 after a twelve years of marriage.

4- Khloé Kardashian is from another father

A clearer skin color and different facial traits have intrigued many about Khloé’s true identity. The media referred her to Kris Jenner’s hairdresser and ex boyfriend Alex Roldan. Sources state that he had been offered 30 million dollars to stay quiet about it. The lawyer did not want to proceed with DNA tests. ” Whoever the father, she is my baby”, Kris said.

5- A made-up scenery

The reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was being critised since ever and seemingly it has been edited out and actual acting has been taken place. Kris Humphries proposal for instance, Kim was not satisfied of her reaction about it so the scene had been re-filmed.

6- Kim Kardashian with the Jacksons

Kim had stated earlier that she had been frequenting Michael Jackson The Ranch Neverland, where she was hanging out with one of the Jacksons family member.

7- Kris Jenner demands 5000 Dollars for a tweet

The mother of the Kardashians girls receives 5000 Dollars for every public appearance and another 5000 for products promotion in her Twitter account.

8- Rob Kardashian

The only son among the Kardashian family receives only 20.000 Dollars per episode on their reality TV show. He is also being criticized for his body weight.

9- Missed shot

Kris Had been married with Bruce Jenner in 1991, a world champion in the Olympics of 1976. They had two girls together, Kylie and Kendall. In January 2016, Kris revealed that a miscarriage had taken place before Kendall’s birth. In October 2013, She anounced her breakup with Bruce and got divorced in December.

10- Kim’s modified pictures

And finally, Kim’s edited Pictures. Kanye West said that their marriage pictures have been “worked on” for four days before being published on Instagram. A fact that Kim Spends 100.000 Dollars a year to make her picture look good enough for the public.

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